Self-support Mall
A leading plastic self-support e-commerce platform in China

Strict Supplier Selection

iPlas strictly inspects potential suppliers. Suppliers in self-support mall of iPlas are all leading suppliers with good reputation in the industry.

Reliable Sourcing From End to End

All goods sold and distributed to customers have gone through careful selection and thorough inspection. The goods are delivered only from plants or warehouses authorized by suppliers, with guaranteed original packaging. iPlas tracks the whole process to ensure goods are intact and undamaged.

Zero Transaction Risk with Complete Documents

iPlas signs procurement contracts with suppliers and sales contracts customers. By keeping all legal documents, iPlas reduces protential transaction risks for you to a very low level. All quotations are tax included with transparent price, so you could trust us and purchase them with ease.

Industry Leading Logistics Service

iPlas cooperates with industry leading companies in logistic industry and is capable of both timely distribution of large tons of goods easily and flexible distribution of small tonnage quickly, and is able to track goods delivery status in real-time, by opening up special logistic routes for plastic industry.

Improved and Thoughtful After-sales Service

iPlas self-support mall provides one-stop online and offline premium procurement and sales services for plastic products with all aspects met. Each iPlas sales person can be your most loyal customer service companion.

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